Tom Brady proves why he’s one of the greatest quarterback’s, as he surpasses Patrick Mahomes for his 7th ring

Last night, Tom Brady proved to be an efficient quarterback in the NFL, at the age of 43-years-old. While Brady has made history by winning more Super Bowls than all 32 NFL franchises, he has also put an end to his doubters in yesterday’s performance against the Chiefs.

Before Brady took on the Chiefs yesterday in the Super Bowl, many referred to him as a “system player.” It was believed that he couldn’t win without the Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, because of the system that was created around him. Due to this theory, Brady wasn’t seen as a true winner.

Last night, Brady was a winner. Not only did his talent on the offensive end play a part but the Buccaneers defensive linemen played an even bigger role. Their defense forced Mahomes’s yards to be minimized, forcing him and the Chiefs to perform at their lowest, offensively.

It not only seems that Brady was a “system player for the Patriots but for the Buccaneers as well. Brady had the pleasure of being protected throughout the game and this was due to the offensive line the Buccaneers built in front of him, according to CBS Sports.

Brady continues to prove himself as a leader. He has taken an unsubstantial team and turned them into champions. It took one man to bring everything together. Brady believed in his team and coaching staff while having a 7-5 record with a wild card.

Brady didn’t give up and constantly put his team in a position to succeed.

Former NFL player, Sean Cattouse, plans to nurture the youth in Chicago

Sean Cattouse had bigger plans after being released by the Chicago bears in 2014. He returned to where it all started, to give back to the youth in the community.

Cattouse grew up in Chicago and attended Hubbard High School on the Southside of Chicago where he played football as a quarterback. During Cattouse time as a high school player, he was ranked #12 in Illinois and received All-State/All-City Honors.

Cattouse experienced a transition when he committed to play football for the University of California, Berkley. He went from playing quarterback to safety. Cattouse stated, “The adjustment wasn’t much of a difference going from high school to college. It wasn’t too difficult either.”

Sophomore year of college, Cattouse had a major hit on a University of Minnesota football player, Eric Decker. According to Cattouse, this caught an eye for scouts to take notice in him but it was not just the hit alone.

“I was a 6’3 safety that showed a lot of athleticism. Being able to move and cover the field was also a plus and it was something that attracted the scouts, he said.”

Cattouse wrapped up his college career being named 3x All-PAC 10/12. He was invited to the NFL Combine but was not drafted. Later on, he signed with the San Diego Chargers.

“I was excited when I signed to the Chargers. I loved San Diego and I had a vision of taking over,” Cattouse said.

In 2013, Cattouse was released from the San Diego Chargers due to a torn groin. Not long after, he was picked up by his home team, the Chicago Bears.

“I knew this could be better. I came home. What more could I have asked for? I played with some high school and college buddies,” he said,

Cattouse experienced another injury in 2014 when he tore his obliques and was released from the Chicago Bears.

“I was happy leaving the Bears parking lot. I asked for God to allow for me to make it or take it away. Mentally, it take a lot to put your all into the game. It was a rollercoaster for three years,” he said.

Cattouse mentioned it was a culture shock when he realized football was no longer an option. He also stated that he had to find what was next.

“I always said when I’m done with college, I want to teach. I was done with the NFL and wanted to come back to Chicago and teach. I’ve always wanted to give back to the community since I was 18 years old.”

Cattouse signed on to be a physical education teacher at Rauner College Prep High School in Chicago.

“PE was my vessel to work with the kids. I want to give guys the basic needs to help them survive. I want to be able to help guide them,” he said.

Besides being a physical education teacher, Cattouse became a certified yoga instructor and offers free yoga on live. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m Cattouse takes over Noble Network fitness page. Join him.

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